When You Love Someone Who Doesnt Love You Back 1

There is this something about love that has us expecting that it is always deal. I am not sure why that is, maybe we can blame it on the movies or on those fairy tales we all read when we were kids. Love does not always make everything all right. People who claim to be in a love break up every single day for instance. People who love us turn around and hurt us. Then there is another sad case where you fall in love with someone who just doesn’t love you back.

How do you deal with it? Do you somehow wave a magic wand that will suddenly make that person love you too? Probably not but here are 5 things your can do when the love you give is not returned.

1. Respect The Other’s Person’s Feelings

You cannot force love or force someone to love you back. Accept this fact and don’t try to force the issue or you might lose a good friend. Once they know how you feel your next option is to have them respect you and the way that you handled the rejection.

2. Stay Confident

Do not lose your confidence in who you are and what you have to offer the right person when he or she comes around. Acknowledge that the person feels how he feels but that does not mean that you are lacking in any way. Do not lose your self-respect by trying to win the affections of someone who just does not feel the way that you do. It’s a waste of time because it won’t work.

3. Don’t Let Feelings Get In The Way

If you truly appreciated this person as someone special in your life that you will like to keep, you will have to let go of the feelings in order to keep him/her around. It would be hard, even uncomfortable at first but if you truly had a good friendship you will get past it and even have a good laugh at it when the time is right.

4. Give It Time

Time has a way of taking care of things even unrequited love. Just be patient and allow time to do its work. Sometimes the result will be someone else who is a lot more suited to you as a person or it could be that the person that you expressed love to might one day realize that you are the one.

Whatever the outcome it is important for you to move on and continue to be yourself. Find ways to keep active and don’t be so closed up that you do not let anyone in. Rejection can make it harder for you to be receptive to love when it comes around but don’t let it get you down. Somewhere there is a person who loves you and if you give it a chance you will find that you could love that person too.

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