When Love Still Exists How to Save Your Marriage.

First you need to investigate your own feelings. Do you continue to care deeply about your ex? Typically a nice passion burns into being simply comfortable. You don’t wish to lose your ex because he’s like an old slipper. But comfort doesn’t make a great relationship. There needs to be a lasting love. If you continue to have passionate feelings for your recent boyfriend, you’ll be able to move onto the following step of a way to win ex back.

The next step is examining how he feels about you. Will he have the identical kind of grand love? If the problems in the connection were things you’ll work on – communication, time management, goal awareness – then you’ll win ex back. However, if the problem was deeper – he was not in love with you – you ought to begin to move on now.

When you have determined that this was a grand love, you can start to work on the items that can bring you back together. As an example, think back to who you were when your boyfriend fell for you. Maybe you weighed ten pounds less, had a more optimistic outlook on life, were hanging out your girlfriends, or were engaged in a selection of activities.

After you invest time with a man, you start to change. You devote less time with girlfriends or on your own activities as he begins to demand a lot of of your presence. You will have let yourself go because you are feeling secure in his affection.

If you want to win ex back, you need to travel back to being the girl he fell in love with.

Another tip on the way to win ex back is to follow detachment. Don’t call, text, or stalk him. You don’t want to appear desperate. By seeming to simply accept matters, you actually become more attractive to him.

In practicing detachment, you also begin to target what causes you to be happy. You get reconnected to friends and family. You take up hobbies and other things that interest you. You become a more positive person in general. This all helps in winning your ex back, and saving your marriage.

When you get together with your ex sometimes, use the past to your advantage. For instance, if there was an outfit he very liked to see you in, wear it. If you liked a restaurant where you had a good time with him, mention that you just were there again. Because you’ve got several positive experiences with this guy, you’ll use your common history to win ex back.

Sometimes, invite your ex to a non-committal kind of event. Ask him to join a bunch of your friends at a bar or invite him to a party. Let him understand he’s free to bring a date.

Finally, if you want to win ex back, simply be yourself. Either he’s in love with you or he isn’t. You can’t correct who you are to win ex back. Just be yourself, that is the best way to save a troubled relationship.

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