What Men Really Want From Women

It’s what men want in a relationship; it’s what’s inside the mind of a man when talking about his emotionality.  This issue has bemused so many women in their attempts to get better at understanding what men are looking for in a relationship and often times the answer is closer to home than otherwise expected.

This is a no-brainer, but often taken for granted. Men are no different from women in terms of emotions. Women just readily express emotions better. Of course there are differences in how these emotions can be interpreted.  Much like the difference between a glass that is half full and the other that is half empty really.

1. Beauty

Don’t forget that men are visual. Beauty is one of the ways to make a man fall in love with you. Since men are both visual and emotional, what’s he really thinking is he wants beauty in women, both inside and out.  This is the key.  All too often women feel that they are not beautiful enough, or glamorous enough, or even intelligent to warrant the love of a man, but what are they basing their own interpretation on?  Pictures in magazines, movies…

2. Modesty

Get a man to love you through decency. Men fall in love with modest women and lust after hot ones. Modesty is what they look for – in behavior, dressing, and speech; it’s what they need in a “long-term” partner. A hot woman may cater to his physical nature, but he eventually loses interest after a few passionate encounters. What’s he really thinking: “hot” women are high maintenance and less reliable. Of course that is not to say that you should not try to be as “hot” as you can be, but remember the old say about substance!

3. Character

Make a man love you through your character. Men want women who project integrity and strength. Inside the mind of a man, what he is really thinking is he should take charge. This is true, but if his partner is weak and without personality, he’ll be worn out.  That this mean that men should by definition be the leaders in their relationships?  Of course not.  Remember what the mother said to her daughter who was having problems with her overpowering father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.


4. Vulnerability

Sounds contradictory to character, but this is also what men actually want. A woman should be vulnerable enough to trigger his protective side but strong enough to be his support and not weigh him down. What’s he really thinking: he wants a balance within the relationship.

5. Soft-heartedness

Men love women with a soft, warm heart. Cold women turn them off. Men want to care and be cared for (but not nagged). What’s he really thinking of her kindness and acceptance: he has comfort and security.

6. Clarity

Men prefer to get things known and done the first time. Inside his mind, what he is thinking is that he wishes he didn’t have to play the guessing game.  He doesn’t like guessing what a woman wants, feels, et cetera. As a woman isn’t a mind reader (she actually wonders what’s in his hear), a man isn’t either.

The things that most men look for in omen is straightforward talk of what she needs, wants, feels, desires, etc. But women, do this gently please; Remember men also desire the vulnerability in you.

7. Intimacy

In any relationship, this is truly significant. Intimacy is included in the list of what men are searching for. This involves physical intimacy (touch, kisses, hugs – not only sex, but sex, being the highest form of physical contact in love, is important) and emotional intimacy (being able to share his deepest feelings, thoughts, desires, and even fears).

In conclusion, you may notice that what men really want from women is quite similar to what women really want from men. The difference lies in the degree of openness of emotions and in their individual approach.

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