The Way to Reuniting with Your Ex

When you’re gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

When you’re gone

The face I came to know is missing too

When you’re gone

The words I need to hear to always get me through the day

And make it OK

I miss you

Well, Avril Lavign at least got this part right. I. Miss. You. An argument can burst like a gigantic atomic bomb. A sigh of disapproval can make a monster out of a tiny rat. Late hours can bring about World War 3. Yes. This happens to all of us. And yes, it does 99% of the time result in extraordinary (or ordinary really) result. That is A BREAK UP. Anger and betrayal have the power to take everything out of context and exaggerate them up into things that were simply never even there. But don’t you start shedding your tears just yet, because there’s hope. And there’s an 80% success chance. You’re asking, what of? A way of reuniting with your Ex, obviously.

There are many steps you can take in simplifying your attempts to reunite with your Ex.  When it comes to love the actuality of being in love and not being in love are two very diverse things that should belong in a parallel universe (and probably would have if they asked my advice).

When it comes to Love, it can be a complete mystery.

There are times when you are in a relationship and you feel smothered in love.  Then out of now where it happens – an argument.  All of a sudden, the feelings of love drastically diminish and could fade in an instant without notice.  Then the real catastrophe happens, and your relationship ends.  This can leave you with a broken heart.

When you think about it – Girls and Boys are different in relation to how they feel, act, and think.

These differences alone can put up roadblocks that can keep your relationship from properly developing.  You can learn how to handle these differences so they don’t stand in your way.  So what is the first step to getting your Ex back?

  • First, no one likes someone who is sad and pitiful.  Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.  Go hang out with friends in the places where you and your Ex used to go together.  If you run into your Ex, smile and be nice.  It is ok to let them see you having a good time.  (In fact,….it might peak their interest.)
  • Second, ALWAYS look your best when you are out.  It is human nature to be attracted to what the eyes see first.  When you look your best you will likely capture the attention of your Ex, and it will most likely make them realize they are missing you!  (Especially, if you are getting attention from new prospects!)

Remember, the past is the past.  Let it go.  Avoid conversations that rehash old wounds.  Focus on the positive and looking toward the future.  When your former love sees a new side of you, they will likely be encouraged to get to know you again.  This could spice things up and make it interesting!

If you see your ex with someone new, don’t fret!

Most of the time a “rebound” relationship does not go anywhere.  The most important thing to do her is to let your Ex have some time and space.  Take time to go out and enjoy your life as well. Nothing will inspire your Ex to want you more than to see you developing the ability to move on.

Avoid starting a confrontation with your Ex because it will not help.  Stepping forward with a positive attitude is the best course of action!  This will help your Ex take notice of you and it will help them realize they have feelings for you.  Your Ex will be more likely to open his or her heart and fall in love with you all over again!

To make sure that your efforts to win back the one you love results in success, it is important to remember how sensitive the situation is.  Tread carefully in your approach because the wrong decisions could lead to disaster.  Learn to show your former partner compassion, understanding, and respect.

Uncovering the exact steps to winning back your Ex is going to require some finesse on your part.  You may have to go through some trial and error before you achieve your goal.  Be brave in your attempts to win the object of your affection back.  Time is on your side, so there is no need to rush.  By putting your best foot forward, you will likely help your Ex to see you in a completely new light.

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