The Divorce Is Finally Over Get the House Sold

The divorce is finally over and you already know that you need to get the house sold to move on with your life and financially make things work out for the best. You also already know there are a lot of houses on the market and you need to move to the top of the line and get it sold. Just imagine how you will feel when this gets done in the next few weeks.

If you have not already done so do the following to help things along:

Tip 1 – Clean the entire house including the garage.

Tip 2 – Clean out the closets and make them appear more spacious.

Tip 3 – Take all of the pictures off the refrigerator. Having been through a divorce I can bet you have already done this one.

Tip 4- Take most of the family photographs off of coffee tables and end tables to give the house a better appearance. It is okay to leave a few select ones around.

Tip 5 – Do general yard maintenance and clean up to give home a better curb appeal.

Tip 6 – Get rid of as much clutter as possible.

Tip 7- Paint tired looking walls.

Tip 8 – Clean kitchen appliances off of the counters and store in the cabinets.

Tip 9 – Think about putting a new entrance rug in front of your main entrance door where the realtor will hang the key box.

Tip 10 – If your plants are not in the best shape then toss and replace with fake ones that still look great today.

The foregoing tips will not guarantee you that you will get your house sold now that the divorce is finally over but there is a method that will get you multiple offers on your house in the next 21 days with or without using a realtor. The method is simple to use and most of all is inexpensive.

There are a few secrets you need to learn so read on through this article and make this day the first day of the 21 days or less that you go through to get your house sold now that the divorce is finally over.

One last little secret before you get the others. Did you know that most realtors feel that if your house has been on the market for over 21 days it is getting stale? Once it takes longer than that to sell it goes on their back burner.

To avoid going stale or to get around the problem if your house is already there finish reading this last paragraph and get that house sold so you can move on with your new life.

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