3 Important Principles That Will Make Your Relationship Much Stronger

Building a successful marriage or relationship is not easy. The truth is that life can be really hard and there are so many things that can get in the middle of a relationship. People change, jobs change, families change and circumstances change – one of the things that is true about life is that it does not stay the same for long. These changes can put extreme stress on a marriage or relationship. So is there anything that can be done to build a relationship that is strong enough to weather these changes?

Well, the truth that there are principles that one can apply to make your marriage or relationship much stronger. Relationships take work, but you can develop a love that lasts a lifetime if you and your partner are willing to work at it. The following are 3 key principles that will make your marriage or relationship much stronger….

1. Decide That You Are Committed To Your Marriage Or Relationship No Matter What

If you look at the vast majority of marriages and relationships that have made it for the long run, you will find that the people in those relationships have simply decided that they are committed to that relationship no matter what. You have heard of the phrase “through thick and thin” right? Well, the truth is that if you are ready to drop the ball when the first storm comes along, then your marriage or relationship is probably not going to last long. People who understand that all relationships face struggles and problems and storms and who are determined to hold on through those challenges are the ones who end up having the most successful long term relationships.

You have heard of the saying “know your outcomes”, right?

Well, in this instance, if you want to have a successful marriage or relationship for the long term, you need to make a decision right now that you are going to hold on through the storms that will surely come.

2. Decide What The Rules Are

This is SO vitally important. If you want to have a successful marriage or relationship that lasts, you need to sit down with your partner and decide what the rules of your relationship are going to be. After all, if one person has a rule that says that going out and having affairs with other people is okay while the other person has a rule that says that going out and having affairs is horribly wrong, then conflict is going to inevitably result. While that may be an extreme example, the truth is that it shows the importance of having rules that you both agree on. For people of faith, this is often much easier to do. For example, my wife and I are both Christians and so our “rule book” is the Bible. For other couples, the source of their rules and values may be different. But the key is to set rules that you both agree on. This will help you to avoid conflicts and to be able to navigate them when they do come along.

3. Decide That You Will Always Love And Will Always Forgive Your Partner Even When They Break The Rules

The truth is that all couples are going to upset and offend each other at some point. At some point everyone breaks the rules. Now, there are some things that are so extreme that they may end the marriage or relationship (such as adultery or physical abuse), but most of the time the things that come up in marriage are relatively small.

In order to have a successful marriage or relationship, you need to decide right now that you are going to always love and to always forgive one another when these things happen. Unforgiveness and grudges will destroy any relationship. The reality is that in most marriages and relationships, the participants allow little things to start slowly building up between each other, and then one day there is a mountain of resentment and unforgiveness between them and they wonder what in the world happened.

The truth is that you need to learn how to forgive each other from the very beginning of your relationship.

You are going to offend each other. If you do not learn how to handle that it will end up destroying your relationship.

If you will apply these three keys they will give you a much better chance of having a much stronger and much more successful relationship. Building a marriage or relationship that lasts for the long term is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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