Wedding Etiquette That Is a Must in Any Wedding

A wedding is an occasion that most people wish of having in their own special way. It is a once in a lifetime event, which when executed with panache and properly, will leave an impression that will last for a very long time. Along the years, we’ve seen numerous unique weddings take place. We’ve seen the most glamorous and most expensive weddings. We have also seen the most absurd and most outrageous weddings take place. It seems that as time passes by, weddings are taking on personalities of their own, often brought about by the couple. Nevertheless, in pretty much all weddings one thing should stand out as a common practice- wedding etiquette. Wedding etiquette is a conventional principle of behavior in weddings and other formal events. Wedding etiquette is very essential in any wedding and must be emphasized with utmost importance because it will dictate the overall nature of the event. Having said that, it is safe to say that wedding etiquette serves as a very important part in the outcome of a wedding. We’ve laid out a few of the most important wedding etiquette tips for you to remember and implement for your own wedding .

Send Your Invitation Early

When preparing a wedding, it’s necessary to send out your invitations to your guests as early as possible. It is only proper to let your guests know when, where, and what time you will get married so that both you and your guests can plan and prepare ahead of time. Likewise, it will also give them ample time to look for an outfit and buy their wedding gifts.

Send Invitations to All Your Guests Even If You Know They’re Not Coming

As soon as you and your planner have mapped out the number of guests you’ll be having at your wedding and determining who you’ll be inviting, it’s important to start making the invitations. It’s very important to send out all the invitations to everyone on your guest list even if you know they are not going to make it. This is a gesture of cordiality and respect, which in turn, displays to them your steadfastness and your sincerity towards this special event.

Set a Dress Code

Having a dress code seems to be quite obvious; but during weddings, a lot of people still seem to forget that there is a dress code that they should adhere to. One thing is standard when we talk about the dress code, nothing short of formal is proper.

Arrange Your Respective Speeches

The speeches are something we always look forward to. It is important for the newly weds to create their vows, and the maid of honor and the best man to create their respective speeches for the couple.

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