Mindset Tips to Create the Life You Want

As a female entrepreneur, you probably chose to work for yourself because you wanted a different lifestyle.  You wanted more time and financial freedom. You wanted out of the nine to five or, perhaps, wanted… no, NEEDED, something for yourself as a stay at home mom.

You may be discovering that it isn’t as easy as “they” say.  You may be thinking, “it is never going to happen for me.”

Keep the Faith and Do the Work

I have news! It can and it will if you keep the faith and do the work.

See, the thing with being in business for yourself is, you have to do all the jobs (at least initially), keep your personal life intact AND have a success mindset [which isn’t always easy when you are stretched thin].

Successful business owners do the practical day-to-day business tasks AND do the mindset work. You can’t have a sustainable, successful business without both.

Mindset is such an important piece to the puzzle. Clients who don’t do the mindset work, don’t have lasting change in their business, no matter how motivated they are.  You have to get rid of what is blocking you- the ugly thoughts that hold you down, consciously or subconsciously – to move forward.

If you are finding yourself struggling to gain traction or keep the business you have established, you need to do some mindset work!

Mindset Tips to Create the Life You Want:

  • Change the way you think– Mindset matters!  If you think you will “never have the life you dream of,” you won’t.  However, if you put the time into learning how to improve your mindset and become a “possibilities thinker,” you’ll start to see ways to make your dream life happen.  You have to open your mind to the possibility.  You have to believe that you really can have a life by design.  No one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter. You have to create it for yourself and it starts with mindset.
  • Realize your true potential– Right now, you do not know everything you need to know to reach the level of success you desire but life is a journey.  As you take action and put the work in to see results, you will learn, grow and develop into the person you desire to be.  Realizing that you are not yet fully developed will help you accept that growth and change are on the way.
  • Be the person you want to attract – You’ve heard the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” It’s true. When you are letting yourself shine, you attract others who are willing to shine.  If you want high performing clients, be a high performing coach.  If you desire to attract stylish women, be a woman of style.  If you want to attract heart-centered entrepreneurs, show kindness, love and acceptance to others.  You get to BE anyone you desire to be.  Start today. You don’t need to develop into “her.” You can be her immediately by making that choice!?
  • Fully commit to going after your dreams – FULLY, as in, whatever it takes.  Don’t be a wishy-washy entrepreneur. Do you want to see profit, change your current situation, and look back a year from now and not recognize your life?  Then, fully commit to that.  Stop with the busy work like changing your logo, your branding, your Instagram bio, your title, your programs.  People get confused if you do that.  Stick with what you have and do the work to grow your business.  Ultimately, your brand colors are not going to make or break your business. You being distracted by them will. Earn a solid, consistent income then hire a pro to design your logo or website and rebrand then.  For now, spend your time on what makes your business profit.
  • Consistently visualize the life you want– Visualization is powerful.  But, I want you to go beyond “seeing” your dream life… I want you to smell, taste, and feel it.  What emotions do you have when you are living your dream life (peace and satisfaction?).  What do you smell in your dream life? The ocean? The forest? The yummy smell of your private chef cooking your dinner (it’s one of my goals!)?  What do you feel? The softest sheets on the market? The silky coat of your dream horse? The sand between your toes on your extended beach vacation?  Get clear on what your dream life is like in as many ways as you can. The clearer it is, the more desire you will have to achieve it. P.S. Write it down or make a visual dream board!
  • Give yourself the chance to live the life you dream of – Finally, give yourself the chance.  Believe it can happen for you. If you don’t, no one else will either.  Start incorporating some of the things you visualized into your life now.  While you may not be able to afford that silky, beautiful horse now, you can spend time at a local ranch being around horses or pay for weekly lessons or the occasional trail ride. Can’t afford a full month vacation at the beach? That’s ok! If the beach is part of your dream life, make the effort to go to the beach for a day a few times a year (or more, if you live close enough).  Don’t wait to have your dreams life, start creating it now!

Keeping the faith is having a mindset that you will create the life you want.  Think like it is already done. Pray like it is already done.  Act like it is already done.

Take action to back those thoughts up.

“Think” for the Success You Want

You’ve heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want.”  That is essentially what we are talking about here.  When you think like the successful business owner you desire to be, you actually think differently. The mind believes what it is told. Tell it you struggle, “don’t know”, “can’t get paid,” or “will never have,” the mind will believe that.  Tell the mind that you are an action taker who gets results, money comes easily to you, and you are already living a wonderful life, it will believe that too.  Either way, your thoughts will attract what you believe as truth.

Be proactive for your success.  Be the woman who stops asking “why me?” and starts asking,”why not me?”

To your success!

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