Healthy Changes in the Kitchen

As a busy, single momma of four, one of my main concerns is to maintain healthy eating habits. Some days are naturally harder than others, so I started searching Google and Pinterest to find kitchen ideas that encourage healthy eating in hopes that maybe it would be a little easier on me. The constant arguing with the kids about why they need water, fruit and vegetables is exhausting. But, what if I could find an easier and healthier way to inspire them without all the grunting and bartering?

Along with healthier eating habits I also started making smarter choices about the things that are in the kitchen and bad for your health such as items that contain BPA.

Small changes make a big difference

To be honest, I hadn’t put much thought into how the design of kitchen can inspire healthier eating habits but small changes proved that it was indeed a good and effective way. First I started with the cabinets. I used to have one snack cabinet that held everything – all snacks healthy and sugary in the same place. I now keep them separated – healthy snacks in one cabinet and the sugary snacks in a different cabinet. The healthy cabinet contains peanut butter crackers, sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruit, granola bars and the like. At first the kids rebelled against the simple changes but now they ask “which” cabinet they can snack from and sure enough they are slowly gravitating more toward the healthy snacks opposed to sugary snacks; which also means I’m buying less and less of those snacks, a win/win.

BPA-Free Items

Bisphenol-A, (BPA) is a chemical used to make plastics clear and shatter-resistant. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of baby bottles, water bottles and food containers, yet several studies have shown the health consequences can be quite serious. The use of BPA has been linked to abnormal development of reproductive systems and precancerous lesions. The FDA is still investigating by why wait until it’s too late? Big brand stores such as Wal-Mart and Target have already begun to ban products made with BPA from their shelves. Consumers should do the same in their home.

Reusable Shopping Bags

I’m going to be honest; I used to think people that carried their own reusable shopping bags were ridiculous. Why I’m not sure other than the fact that I just couldn’t see myself doing so and remembering to tote the bags around with me. Did you know that you can keep 1,200 plastic bags from the landfill each year by using reusable bags? Digest that number for a minute.

Eco-Friendly Storage Containers for the Kitchen

Preserve offers several practical items for the kitchen (also for personal care) from cutting boards to storage containers to measuring cups and more that serve an environmentally friendly purpose. They are made from all recycle materials (paper and plastic) and they are BPA-free. These products, when done, can also be reused again and again.

Eco-friendly kitchen cleaners are another major concern and Pinterest is a huge help in this department. You can easily find recipe after recipe to easily make your own cleaning products, soaps, scrubs and more that are healthy for the kitchen, for you and for everyone in the home.

Making the change to be more conscience of the products you use and bring in the home can be a bit overwhelming at first but once you know what to look for it becomes easier. I also suggest starting with one area and moving to the next. In my house we started with the kitchen and then moved to personal care products.

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