Wedding Traditions

Although a wedding is attended by hundreds or often thousands of people, never forget that the whole wedding revolves around just two people, you and your partner. You have spent months organising flowers, caterers, wedding videographers and clearly want the whole marriage to be as perfect as possible. Many couples now try and avoid what is regarded as clich? marriage ideas, but the reality is that they’ve been around for hundreds of years and trying to have a marriage that does not include at least a few of them is nearly impossible. Even though the wedding day finally is owned by you, the couple, the guests tend to take over the reception and it is tricky not to incorporate some conventional ideas into your wedding ceremony and reception.

If you have got many guests attending your reception there’s always those primary clumsy moments when everybody arrives and takes their seats. Many guests are strangers to one another and getting the whole glass clinking thing going where everyone is roaring for the bride-to-be and bridegroom to kiss is the perfect ice breaker. This was always a part of the wedding reception in years gone, it was intended to repel evil spirits and give the bride-to-be and groom an initial moment to ‘connect’ without the malicious spirits being around.

Whether or not the bride and groom might not be too pleased with the concept, most people who attend the reception will pay special attention to the cutting of the cake. The exact reason and history behind it is misleading, but everyone will cheer and scream if the cake gets smeared into the faces of the bride and bridegroom. It might not be the most civilised way of eating cake, but it is always a favourite with the guests.

As the evening progresses you are bound to get someone who will start the conga line dance, who can resist that? It often ends up with somebody tripping over one of the kids or knocking over a table, which is something else that everybody expects. Even though poor old Uncle Joe will get a scolding for being so drunk, everybody will like the conga.

Just before the bride and groom set off for the evening the bouquet and garter are tossed. Though the garter tossing is slowly disappearing the bouquet toss is still common at most wedding ceremonies. If this is one of those cliches that you prefer not to do at your wedding reception, be grateful that you aren’t living in the 14th century. Before the arrival of the bouquet toss, the guests would rip at the brides dress to attempt to tear a piece off as it was considered good luck, but as the tradition of handing down your wedding dress started that faded away and was replaced with the bouquet.

Whether or not you are keen on clich? wedding ideas or not, there is no doubt that they are going to be around for plenty more generations to come and it is better to get into the spirit when attending a wedding and enjoy the customs that have endured across the ages, after all weddings are a celebration of love and unity.

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