Budget Friendly Celebration Plans

When there is an occasion to celebrate, this does not mean you have to spend more money than you have. It is possible to celebrate your event on a budget without others being aware that is the case, all you need is a little creativity and some of our ideas below:

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is where individuals are looking for a number of items. Players are given the first clue card which has a riddle on it, such as “search for your next hint where you would find a pair of shoes or two”. Suitable for all age groups, you can leave small prizes at each point when playing this game with children at home.

On Valentine’s Day, you can send your lover on a scavenger hunt around town, perhaps including the place where you had your first date, your first kiss and ending with the place where you will be with a bouquet or perhaps ready to ask for her hand in marriage.

Anniversary celebrations

When celebrating your anniversary, it is most important that you have set aside time for the two of you to be together uninterrupted by family responsibilities, work worries or chores. This could be a meal at your favourite restaurant or a romantic meal at home while the kids are on a sleepover.

Celebrating an anniversary deserves to be marked with a gift you can treasure in the years ahead. Something that marks the time past and the years ahead. The anniversary years list offers suggestions for both traditional and modern gifts for each year. There are gift ideas that cover everything from wood to tin and from gold to diamonds. You are sure to find something creative for your spouse or any couple celebrating their anniversary.

Open mic night

If you and your partner have something to celebrate, like a birthday, a promotion at work, passing an exam or something else, even if you have no budget to go out on the town, dress up to the nines and head out for a local open mic or comedy club night. Local bars usually only require you to buy a drink or two, but even ticketed events are usually well priced. The best big about these celebrations is that you can plan them at the last minute. It’s one of those nights where you will likely laugh uncontrollably every time you go, creating great memories each time.

Be a tourist in your home city

If part of your celebration is to go out to eat or drink, consider visiting your local city for the day and being tourists. Include coffee or brunch instead of a more expensive celebratory dinner as part of your day out.

Take in a matinee at the theatre or cinema or just revisit the city’s landmarks with new eyes.  There may be an art gallery you were not aware of, a new store that sells items that you adore but rarely get the chance to browse in. Have a budget for spending on treats and enjoy a relaxed time and great company.

Take a day out in nature

Whether fishing or hiking, pack up the car and head into nature together and wait for a bite on the line or the chance to reach a peak to admire the view.  There is a word for those who get a warm feeling from being outdoors, biophilia. If you are one of those people, take the train out to an area of natural beauty and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Pack some of your favourite snacks or plan to stop at a pub or café known for selling great food for hungry souls.

Write a letter

We’ve all heard about writing love letters to our sweethearts but consider writing a letter to others who you admire, respect and love as part of their celebration. Telling a friend or family member about the time that you appreciated their time, energy, input or suggestion at a particular time in your life.  It may be that they have no idea that they had an impact on your life at all, which means a letter can have a profoundly touching effect.

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