Before and After Decluttering Photos

You may have some great decluttering ideas for your home, but you lack the enthusiasm to put them into action. If this sounds like your story, you may require some real before and after decluttering photos to prove that the effort was worthwhile.

Looking at before and after decluttering photos of other people’s accomplishment might be really inspiring if you’re having trouble getting started. So, for those of you who are planning to declutter your home in the new year, we’ve compiled a list of extremely motivating images to keep you on track.


I love Pinterest, however they occasionally post extremely contrived home decluttering photographs, which are excellent, but in reality, we have a lot more food in our pantries than we see in these produced photos. Not in this pantry, no way! This pantry displays common household supplies, as well as how they expertly implemented realistic organization that is as close to ideal as a pantry can be!

pantry declutter


We thought this was a great example of reorganizing a bedroom using nice furniture in order to keep things tidy. Adding minor details to the room, such as curtains and wall frames, can make a big difference.

Bedroom Declutter Before After


Obviously, the first step in arranging any room is to declutter it thoroughly. These people went on a real healthy purge, as you can see from the before shot, and guess what? It makes me want to go straight to my closet and clean it out right now! Adding a few containers and finding places for everything will ensure that this closet stays tidy.

Bedroom Closets Declutter
before after closet organization
before and after closet clothes
bedroom clothes closet konmari

Garage and Tools

How to organize under bathroom sink

Laundry Room

Home Office

Home offices soon become dumping grounds for all of the household’s miscellaneous items. This is infuriating because these areas are supposed to be tranquil and relaxing in order to encourage concentration and creativity. This decluttering of a home office is guaranteed to motivate you to do the same with yours!

Happy Decluttering!

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