10 Beach Safety Rules

Summer is here and it’s time for fun in the sun! A trip to the beach is a great way to enjoy the warm weather, there’s nothing like a carefree family vacation on the sand. However, carefree doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind. In order for a good time to be had by all, remember that there are rules to follow even at the beach to ensure your safety. Here are ten common beach safety rules to brush up on.

1. Survey your surroundings.

As you scout around for the perfect spot to sit at the beach also look to see who is surrounding you. Thieves are present at the beach too. Know what is going on to keep yourself and your family safe from water and criminal dangers.

2. Avoid alcohol.

Drinking and driving are always mentioned but drinking and swimming is just as dangerous. It is easy to lose your judgment and orientation in the water when you have been drinking. This could even result in you or someone else drowning.

3. Use sunblock.

The sun’s harmful UV rays bombard your skin, even on days that are cloudy. Covering you and your family with the highest SPF (sun protection factor) sunblock prevents sunburns, sun poisoning and later on, the possibility of skin cancer.

4. Don’t swim alone.

Currents can be strong and accidents do happen, partner up. Swimming with a partner is one of the most important of beach safety rules. Following this rule will protect you and your partner if you encounter a dangerous situation or catch a cramp while swimming.

5. Obey safety signs.

Beaches post signs if there are dangers in the water such as sharks past a certain point. They are there for your protection; don’t ignore them.

6. Stay close to shore if you can’t swim well.

It is not a requirement to be able to swim before you go into the water. Everyone wants to feel the water between their toes. However, unless you are a strong swimmer, don’t venture out in water past waist height. A rough wave could plow you under in a second.

7. Watch your children.

Children and water don’t mix without their parents. Children often like to sit in the sand near the water to build sand castles. When in the water, keep a sharp eye on them so they don’t slip under the water, especially when it is crowded.

8. Use provided trash cans.

Litter on the beach and in the ocean can kill wildlife as well as pollute the environment. If you want the beaches to stay open for everyone to enjoy, do your part to keep them clean.

9. Wear shoes on the beach.

This could be sandals or water shoes. Beaches are full of shells that can cut your feet as you walk along the sand. Water shoes allow you to swim and play in the water without endangering your feet.

10. Drink water.

It is easy to get dehydrated spending time in the sea, remember to drink lots of water. Out of the ten listed beach safety rules this is perhaps the easiest to follow but often most neglected.

Be prepared with these simple rules as you head off to the beach this summer. What beach safety rules do you follow to ensure safe summer fun for you and your family?

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