Tips to Combat Teen Laziness This Summer

A lazy day to sleep in and just relax is enjoyed by most people.  However, for some teens, summer tends to become that one lazy day stretched out over the entire summer break.  Here are four tips to combat teen laziness this summer.

1. Voice your expectations.

Let your teen know that staying in bed all day long is not an acceptable way to spend the summer vacation.  Asking your teen to get up at a decent hour consistently is not an unreasonable request.  Explain that spending the day merely watching television, playing console games, or surfing the internet on the computer is also unacceptable.

If your teen expects you to help pay for summer activities, make sure they know that they are expected to abide by a few summer rules.  Taking into consideration your teen’s age and your level of trust, set a specific time that your teen is expected them to be home.  Summer vacation is also the perfect opportunity for your teen to take on a couple of extra chores around the house to earn some pocket money.

2. Get them involved.

Ask your teen to help you around the house, volunteer outside of the home, or get a summer job, motivate them to be involved in something to help combat teen laziness.  Additionally, encourage your teen to help at a local recreation center, children’s program, or nursing home.  They may find they truly enjoy thinking of others first.

Help them find volunteer positions by calling around to local churches, daycare centers, or nursing homes.  Also, many local businesses typically hire summer help; offer to help your teen find a job to earn some money during their summer vacation.  A summer job will help them learn to be responsible with money, and help them see the value of their time.  If they realize they get paid by the hour, they might be less likely to waste so much of it.

3. Spend time with them.

Instead of lecturing them about what they should do during their summer vacation, find activities that you and your teen can do together.  It is not necessary to spend every waking moment with your teen, but do make some time to take your teen shopping, to a movie, or out for a latte.  Take time to talk with your teen, summertime is a great time to reconnect with your teen.  Don’t let the summer go by without investing time with them.

4. Encourage activity.

Learning a new sport with your teen is a great way to help your teen be less lazy during the summer.  The added bonus is it’ll help you be less lazy, too.  Try learning tennis, swimming, cycling, or rollerblading together.  You will both benefit health wise for the effort.

Teen laziness during the summer break is a complaint of parents all over the country.  These four tips to combat teen laziness this summer are just a few that you can use.  You don’t have to combat teen laziness by yourself, ask your teen if there are things they’d like to accomplish before school starts.  Working with your teen during summer vacation to help meet those goals is a great way to keep your teen involved over the summer break.

What creative ways have you used to combat teen laziness during the summer break?

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