Creating and Sticking to an Exercise Routine

Deciding to get in shape is easy.  The challenge is getting started and sticking to an exercise routine.  Many people find working out boring and eventually lose interest, especially if they don’t see quick results.  The best way to stick to an exercise routine is to find something you like doing.  Take a look at your daily schedule, as well as your family commitments, and find the time that best works for you to exercise.  Splitting up your workouts throughout the day may fit your schedule better and help you stay on track.

Timing is everything, but before you decide when you are going to exercise, you need to decide what kind of exercise you want to do.  Deciding on a workout routine will help you determine how much time you will need to dedicate.  If you choose to run, remember to schedule extra time for warming up and cooling down.  If you want to take a class, check to see if it is offered during times that fit into your schedule.

With all the different styles of exercise available, from running, aerobics, joining a sports team, to a martial arts school or health club, look into the type that works best for you.  If available, sign up for a one-time free trial for different exercise classes to help you determine which form of exercise you enjoy.  Just be sure to take it easy and not try to keep up with the class. More than likely, they’ve been doing it for a while and can do more.  By trying to do too much, you may be so sore the next day you decide to never go back, even if you enjoyed it.

Accountability is a key factor for sticking to an exercise routine.  If you sign up for a class the fact that you are paying for it will help motivate you to go back and get your money’s worth.  You may also find working out with other people makes exercising more enjoyable.  The instructor can help you to get the most out of the class.  By having the company of others, you can help keep each other accountable to keep going.

Working out with a group isn’t for everyone as some may find it to be uncomfortable or some people may be a bit self-conscious.  However, it is harder to stay motivated working out alone.  A good choice may be workout videos.  There are many twenty, thirty or sixty-minute workouts videos available that can be easily adapted to fit your schedule.

To keep yourself motivated to sticking to an exercise routine, create a chart and hang it where you can see it every day.  Mark on it all the days and times you plan to exercise and mark off each session you complete.  Make special goals along the way.  Each time you complete one full week without missing a session, you give yourself a special treat.

What is keeping you from creating and sticking to an exercise routine?

How have you been successful in creating and sticking to an exercise routine?

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