Calcium is Essential for Women

Calcium is necessary for more than just strong bones and teeth. But a big reason why calcium is essential for women is to protect our bones from diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. That is true. However, it’s also part of our nerve function and blood clotting. Not the bad clotting, but the necessary kind so you don’t bleed out as quickly. Whether you are taking calcium pills daily, or include dairy products in your diet, calcium is a must for women, especially baby boomers.

There are other foods besides dairy that provide a rich source of calcium, such as: leafy green vegetables; beans; juices and cereals. In fact if you are making a conscience effort to get more of these foods in your diet every day, it’s quite easy to get your daily allowance of calcium without eating dairy. But you have to work at getting the foods in your diet.

If your getting older, your doctor may have already told you to increase your calcium intake by consuming at least 1200 mg a day. These are readily available in capsule form at any health store or pharmacy. They come in quite a few different forms so find one that works with your system the best. In addition, your doctor may also ask you to take a bone density test to determine if the bones in your body show any signs of brittleness or degeneration. If that’s the case then a prescription may be necessary. So let’s do everything we can now to keep off that prescription!

It is estimated that over 80% of women have either arthritis or osteoporosis. To prevent this from occurring, take calcium supplements on a daily basis; consume foods rich in calcium; exercise, and maintaining a proper diet all help to keep your bones and your body in good health.

There is more good news about calcium. Several studies have shown that calcium can decrease weight gain over time. While there is an on-going debate as to whether or not this is true, it is possible. The researchers have claimed that calcium may reduce calcium concentrations in fat cells by lowering the production of two hormones, parathyroid hormone and an active form of vitamin D, which in turn increases fat breakdown in these cells.  In addition, calcium from food or supplements may bind to small amounts of dietary fat in the digestive tract and prevent its absorption, carrying the fat out in the feces. It seems calcium may have a role in reducing weight, but more studies are needed to determine how calcium can affect weight loss to this degree.

Whether or not they find out for sure that the above helps you lose weight, there’s no doubt it’s worth the try. If you consider the healthy foods that calcium is in (ie. spinach, beans, kale) you’ll see that many of them are low in fat. Besides low fat and calcium content they are full of other nutrients. You just can’t go wrong using these foods to boost weight loss.

Whether you take capsules, increase your dairy intake, or stack your leafy greens into your daily diet, the main reason why calcium is essential for women is to ensure and maintain bone health.

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