Many people think that a diet is only about cutting food intake.  For some this could in fact be the reason that you find your weight does not change as you’d like, or why possibly you are not feeling 100 percent most days.

The best tip when you want to diet is to eat small, regular meals and try to include all the food groups in every meal. No matter what, do not skip breakfast. The longer you leave eating after you wake up, the more likely you are to crave sugary, energy-boosting snacks.  Remember that your body hasn’t eaten in 8 hours or more upon waking up.  It needs energy to function correctly.

Here are some tips for breakfast time:

 Don’t just drink a coffee and skip the meal.

Breakfast is the time to kick start your body for the day so it is important that you eat well and get lots of energy. Aim to eat between 300 and 400 calories and you should find yourself full for longer and ready to get on with whatever the day throws at you.

Look for sugar content.

Sugar is the bane of most women’s lives. It causes major slumps and highs and can mean that you are tired just an hour after eating. When eating fruit, never add other sugars. Choose cereals with less than 5 grams of sugar in them and go for natural sugars and less high fructose corn syrup. If you prefer the ‘frosted’ variety of cereals, buy the regular version and add flavored yogurt, some fruit, honey or a light sprinkling of sugar on yourself: light being the key word here. Use measuring spoons to know exactly how much you are adding.

Include protein.

Protein helps to keep you full longer and helps to combat carbs. Try having an egg with your breakfast: hard boiled or scrambled on toast. There are a number of ways to cook an egg, which means your meal can stay interesting. Low-fat cottage cheese is another great addition. Have some fresh fruit on top of a cup of cottage cheese. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon or ground cloves and feel like you are having dessert for breakfast. Try and get a minimum of 7 grams of protein to function at your best.


Everyone knows the importance of fibre in helping your digestive system, this is a major help in feeling healthy. But it is also bulky so it helps to make you feel full. Cereals are the best source of fibre at breakfast time, as is whole grain toast. Make sure you check the label though as some cereals are lacking in this essential nutrient – try to look for one that will give you more than 5 grams per portion.

What people don’t think about is that sometimes the diet alternatives of food are not the best for giving you energy. It is vital that your first meal of the day gives you enough nutrients to keep you going. Go for a mix of vitamins, fibre, proteins and carbs to set you up for the day. Maybe a handful of grapes, a scrambled egg on whole grain toast and some coffee or fruit juice?

Follow your breakfast up with a healthy snack 2-3 hours later like a bag of mixed nuts which you can graze on throughout the morning without worrying about your waistline. Try it for a few weeks and your energy level should soar. You should feel better within days and drop some weight as well with the healthier choices.

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