Eating right and being active is critical during ‘graying years’, especially when you are entering the golden ‘50’ years old benchmark. Through following appropriate lifestyle alterations and correct dietary modifications, the 50-year-old and beyond can now lose their excess weight quickly. Also, they could remain active and alert as well as achieve the ability to reduce to the risk of acquiring varied age-related issues.

While there is no 100% guarantee that a healthy diet and lifestyle will drive all diseases away, these tips on dieting will definitely improve the emotional and physical well-being of those that belong to the ‘golden’ age.

If you are one of those many who’ve reached 50, the diet for over 50s tips below could help you live a more fabulous life:

1. Take B12 Supplements

B12 is needed for healthy blood and nerve cells, aside from the fact that, it’s essential in the production of DNA. B12 is present in food’s protein and should be released from its host through pepsin during stomach digestion. However, as we age, the acidity of stomach juices decreases; hence, makes it very difficult to absorb several nutrients including B12.

B12 can be found in meats and fishes. Though B12 deficiency symptoms can take years to surface, this can be prevented through taking B12 supplements into the daily diet.

2. Toss Iron Vitamins

Typically, women experience menopause around 50. Because of this cessation, the need for iron supplementation also decreases after this point to approximately 8mg a day. While it’s impossible for the body to function properly without iron, iron overabundance is also dangerous. Iron toxicity could happen because the body does not naturally excrete iron and too much of it could cause damage to the heart and liver, eventually, causing death. Therefore, post-menopausal women must only take iron when their physicians have prescribed it.

3. Increase Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

Since hormones and gastric acid change, the levels of vitamin D as well as calcium absorption are affected as early as 40. Further, research has shown that women who’s reached menopause are at risk of developing bone fractures and osteoporosis because of lack of estrogen in the system. While it’s ideal to take-in adequate calcium before 30, it is never too late to enrich the system with diet for over 50s through eating sardines, kale, broccoli, spinach, yogurt, quinoa, Chia seeds, hemp seeds, fish oil, krill oil and fat-free dairy products. Moreover, physicians must conduct vitamin D level within the body and provide supplements as needed.

4. Go for Mediterranean Diet

As people age, blood vessels actually become less elastic while its peripheral resistance increases. This places menopause women at increased risk of developing heart diseases. The good news is Mediterranean diet can help you counter this occurrence.

When researchers examined the world’s population that had the most number of centenarians- people that reached 100 years old, they were able to learn that these people shared one common diet for over 50s thing. The most prominent commonality amongst them was regular consumption of the Mediterranean diet.

Generally, healthy eating could improve a person’s quality of life, regardless of age; however, the ‘50’ and beyond could benefit more because they’ll also be able to avoid diseases that are associated with old-age.

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