QUIZ Discover Your Signature Style

Figuring out which personality type you are will help you be more consistent with your image- professional and personal. You’ll be able to confidently shop for new wardrobe pieces because you’ll know what works for you. It is not intended to fit you into a neat little box that you can’t dress outside of. It is simply to help you tune into the styles you are attracted to so shopping, getting dressed and styling your outfits becomes more simplified. You’ll know what to look for and what to avoid. take this fun quiz to help you determine the foundation of your authentic personal style:


The location you dream of living is:

You prefer to wear:

Your favorite handbag is:

Your favorite handbag is

Which cocktail dress would youmost likely wear?

Which cocktail dress would youmost likely wear

Which statement necklace would you most likely wear?

Which statement necklace would you most likely wear

Which thank you notes would you most likely send:

Which thank you notes would you most likely send

Which red heels would you most likely wear?

Which red heels would you most likely wear

Which coat would you most likely wear?

Which coat would you most likely wear

Which casual Look would you most likely wear?

What is My Style?
Artistically Posh
If you answered mostly As, you are Artistically Posh! When you are Artistically Posh, you are lively, a maverick, non-conformist, love to wear bold colors, textures and prints, and you never say never. Every outfit you wear has at least one unusual item that is cause for conversation!
Modern Sophisticate
You are a Modern Sophisticate: You like classic cuts, you have discriminating taste, your style is effortless, and full of clean lines. If you incorporate the latest trend, it is in the form of an accessory. You live by the less-is-more theory.
You are a Showstopper: Your style is uber-feminine. You love the dazzle factor, including shiny material and dressed up silhouettes. You look great in bold color or black and white. Solid colors work best on you, skip the prints! Body-hugging, figure-flattering styles are your go-to looks.
Boho Chic
You are a Boho Chic. : You are a master at layering, you often wear vintage, love wearing many colors and prints with lots of movement. You are a free spirit and are inspired by travel, nature and art.
Polished Ladylike
You are Polished Ladylike: You adore classic colors, structured cuts, high-quality fabrics and details like ruffles, lace and bows. Fill your wardrobe with versatile, feminine pieces that transcend time. You have timeless elegance!
Edgy Elegance
You are Edgy Elegance: In a grown-up way (we’re not talking punk here), you mesh classic pieces with edgier details like unfinished hems, hardware (like spikes and zippers), leather and animal print. This style merges downtown cool with uptown class.

You may have strongly been a mix of two styles. That’s great! Don’t let it confuse you. Very few people fit completely into one category. Simply take what you like from each and create your own unique style. It’s the mix of pieces that makes your style personal as no one else will have a style quite like yours!

To add more personality and make your wardrobe totally you, adopt a signature look by incorporate a theme or piece with every look.

What can you incorporate? A monogrammed necklace? A fabulous scarf? Elephants? Stunning nail art?

Try to select something that is not trend based so you don’t have to switch out your “signature look” with every season! It has to be something you LOVE! Be consistent in wearing it and pretty soon, people will soon know you for it being your signature style!

Looking and feeling your best takes some work and is an intentional act. Gather more inspiration on Pinterest and start creating your own boards to help you understand your likes and dislikes. Pay attention to the elements that attract you. Cleanse your closet of anything that is definitely not “you” and as your budget allows, begin adding new pieces to your wardrobe. You’ll soon build a well-edited wardrobe that is perfect for your signature look!

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