Ever wonder why some women just seem to get ahead in everything they do and they look good while doing it?  Sometimes it feels unfair seeing women who are both gorgeous and brainy but starting today, you are going to be one of them.  You are going to learn the Secret of Successful Women!

Ready to transform your life and business? 

Here’s the secret…

It begins in the closet.

There are 6 key elements that stylish, successful women practice:

How you look matters.

You are giving a message to the world with what you wear.  You can dress sloppy, in dated or ill-fitting clothes and give the message that you are not worth the time and effort to treat yourself well.  Or, you can dress in clothes that compliment your body shape, are modern and attractive to give the message that you are worth time, attention and beautiful things.  What are you saying to the world?

Wearing clothes that express your personality is the key to authentic style.

By embracing your true style, you’ll share with the world your most authentic self.  Don’t dress in fashions that are “on-trend” if they are not congruent with your personality!  Dress to look nice but dress to feel your best, most confident self!

Keep your closet well-edited.

Once you discover your authentic style, which clothes compliment your body type and which colors give you a beautiful glow, you’ll be able to shop more easily.  Skip the pieces that aren’t your style.  Avoid the colors that make you look washed out.  Look for shapes that compliment your curves (or create them!).  Shopping is simplified, your entire wardrobe works together and suddenly, your style becomes effortless!   Won’t it be amazing to know anything you pick from your closet will work on you so you can focus on what you have to offer the world instead of worrying if your outfit looks ok?

Buy quality shoes

We all know there is nothing more painful than uncomfortable shoes.  Buy the most expensive pairs you can afford and wear them often!  When you buy quality, you get more wear for your money since they will last so long!  Keep your shopping list short:  professional looking flats like a ballet flat or oxfords, black pumps, nude pumps, sleek mid-calf boots in a neutral color and one pair of strappy heels for networking and other fun events.   Don’t worry, your shoes don’t have to be boring! Look for styles that compliment your wardrobe within these categories of shoe style.  Your fun, day-off shoes can be more playful.

Keep your closet organized

For a well-edited wardrobe to work, you must keep your closet organized.  Start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit, was an impulse buy that was never worn, makes you look like you are sea sick, is stained or dated.  Have alterations done on any pieces that need it.  Only keep what truly works for you.

Now, sort your wardrobe by color and type.  Put all your black tees and tanks together, all your pink sweaters together, all your cropped jeans together, etc.  Once you see how many you have of each style, ask yourself if you can eliminate even more.  Clearing the clutter is going to help you get dressed faster and will help eliminate the overwhelm that can happen stepping into an overcrowded closet!

Layout your outfits for the week

A successful woman is always prepared. Over the weekend, take an hour to prepare your outfits for the week. Look at your calendar to see what meetings or activities you have planned.  Launder, iron, and sew on buttons; whatever needs to be done.  Match your outfits with shoes and jewelry.  Hang them together in your closet so each morning you can get ready quickly and easily.

Successful women understand that her looks impact her confidence.  When she looks good, she feels good.  Guess what happens next?  She takes on the world, embracing all that she is, to create a great success out of her life!  You can have that too!

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