8 Secret Weapons to Help You Wear Your Heels Longer

Do you have a love/hate relationship with heels? Me too. I wear them 85% of the the time because I love them so much but on some days, I do wish I owned more flats (shh, don’t tell!).  Finding products that helps comfort my feet is key to helping me wear my heels longer and more frequently.

Do you wish you could wear heels?  I hear women say they “can’t wear heels” or they wish they could wear them more often. Well, wish no more!  There are a few secret weapons to help you enjoy wearing your heels:

Platform heels

The platform adds height and relieves stress on your foot! If you have a 1/2 inch platform on a 4 inch heel, your foot is only experiencing a 3.5 inch heel. Your foot is at less of an angle so less pressure is applied to the ball of the foot. If a platform heel is not your style, look for heels with hidden platforms for a less chunky appearance.

Heel Pads

These babies help keep heels from slipping! This is a big problem for me. To have comfort in the toe area, I opt for a slightly larger heel size but then my shoe flips off my heel as I walk. It drives me crazy! Solution? Heel cushions! Heel cushions are made with non-slip material and help prevent blisters as well as slippage!

Kushyfoot Tights

The added padding in the sole comforts feet when you stand. I love all Kushyfoot products, from athletic socks to shaping tights!  I am wearing them in the picture above (c/o Kushyfoot)

Pressure Pointz

Cushions that can be placed anywhere inside your shoes that cause a problem for you, like rough spots or areas that pinch. The adhesive back sticks to your shoe and can be trimmed to fit your shoe.

Rub Relief Strips

Narrow cushion strips that fit perfectly since you can customize the length. The dispenser is like a scotch tape dispenser so you simply cut the length you need. This cushion solution is great for strappy shoes since it is narrow. Helps prevent blisters and rubbing.

High Heel Shoe Stretcher

When the perfect heels are not quite so perfect, you can stretch them to provide relief for your feet! The heel stretcher is designed to stretch the width of high heel shoes. You can also use it to break in new heels! Yay, no more painful “break-in period.”

Healing Foot Cream with Lavender, Mint and Tea Tree Oil

Soothes and relaxes tired legs and feet. A great mid-day treat! Just kick off your heels, apply cream and put your feet up for 10 minutes. Do it again at the end of the day for the most benefit.


The best way to relax your feet is to roll them on a baseball. I keep one under my desk and I roll the ball around as I work. I focus on my arch but my entire foot appreciates the massage. Sometimes it is painful but that just means I have some knots to work out! A golf ball works too but I prefer the size of a baseball.

Invest in a few, or all, of these “secret weapons” and you will be find you can actually wear your heels longer and more frequently.  Additionally, do some specific exercises to strengthen your legs, ankles and feet. Try this workout from Women’s Health Magazine: The 7 Best Exercises for Women Who Wear Heels.

Please share this information with your friends! I believe more women would wear their gorgeous heels if they had these secret weapons. A world full of pain-free heel-wearing women is a beautiful world, indeed!

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