5 Tips To Go From Frazzled to Fab Everyday

Do you leave the house feeling drained, frustrated and frazzled? If getting dressed is sucking the good energy out of you, it’s time for a better way!

Like any task you wish to successfully tackle, there takes some planning and prep.  Since your daily outfit speaks volumes about who you are to the world without you even speaking a word, you want to make sure your look is clean, wrinkle-free, fits well and reflects your personal style!

Wow! That is a lot to think about in the morning, isn’t it? No wonder you feel drained!

Don’t worry, there is a better way!

Here is what I recommend to ease your morning routine:

1. Plan ahead.

On Sunday evening, plan your outfits for the week.  You do this when you grocery shop, right? You plan your meals for the week so you know what to purchase at the store.  I like to call it “Sunday Styling”.  Take 30 minutes to pick out your outfits for the week based on your activities and the weather.  Make sure what you need is clean, ironed and ready to wear.  Hang the pieces together, including jewelry and footwear.  Don’t forget undergarments!  If you’ll need an outfit change (like from work to gym), include that outfit as well.

2. Look ahead at your schedule.

Look aheah at your schedule and determine which days you’ll wash your hair and which days you’ll wear a “dirty” hairstyle. Plan your time accordingly.  Maybe you’ll need to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier on a couple of days so you don’t skip the styling and opt for a messy pony instead! Write it into your phone calendar so you remember!  A little trick I like to do is shower and dry my hair at night so the morning involves less required time to get ready.  Keep images of a few ways you like to wear your hair on your phone that way when you get stuck for ideas, you can glance through the pictures and be re-inspired!

3. Have a go-to skin care and makeup routine.

It’s ok to wear the same eye shadow every day if it looks great on you! Simply switch out your lip color for some variety! If you are a minimalist, have a mascara, bronzer and gloss ready for a quick application.  Save the highlighting, shadowing and dramatic eye or lip for weekends and nights out.

4. Pack your handbag the night before.

If you are switching out your handbag on any particular day, change it the night before so you don’t accidentally forget something important in a rushed morning transition!

5. Create a personal Lookbook.

Take pictures of your outfits (either of you wearing them or lay them on the bed so you can see each piece). During each “Sunday Styling”, take pictures of your outfits and keep them in a folder on your phone, load them to a private board on Pinterest or print them and put them in a notebook.  We tend to only wear 20% of what we own so when you do get creative and come up with a great look, you’ll want to remember it. Have a personal “lookbook” helps you be inspired by your own outfit creations when you would otherwise be complaining that you have nothing to wear!

Stop feeling frazzled!  With a bit of planning, some quality time with the iron and vision for the week ahead, you’ll be able to get ready very quickly in the morning and look fabulous everyday!

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