The use of home remedies for dry skin is a popular choice for those who want to relieve their skin from a dry and itchy feeling. On becoming dry, the skin may become more sensitive. Rashes and skin breakdown will occur, as its texture undergoes a change. Dry skin leads to its premature ageing and causes wrinkles to appear at an early age. There are several herbs for dry skin that you could try.

There are natural herbs for dry skin that can soften and make the skin smoother. Dry skin can be treated by massaging the body, using herbal oils. Oil massages help getting smooth and soft skin, thus delaying the symptoms of ageing. A massage not only rejuvenates the body; it also relaxes the mind. A healthy skin can better resist other diseases.
There is a variety of herbal oils available for massaging, allowing you to choose one with ingredients and fragrance of your choice. Some oils have ingredients that can easily penetrate the skin. The oil helps the skin in retaining moisture while herbs keep the skin soft and silky. Some of the herbs common to us are:

1- Rose water and rose oils have been found useful for tender, dry, sensitive skin. Cleanse the skin using rosewater at night.

2- Lavender Flowers are said to have many sedative compounds that are good for dry and normal skin.

3- Horsetail is considered a clarifying astringent, closing the pores and stimulating production of new skin cells.

4- Birch leaves are effective to lessen many skin issues, and even cellulite.

The moisture level of skin can be improved by infusing external moisture. In fact, it’s the most effective way of enhancing the level of moisture in our skin. Application of moisturizer over the body is very helpful for treating dry skin. Moisturizers containing aloe vera are especially good for skin as aloe vera possesses antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties.

Of the many home remedies for dry skin, a combination of aloe vera and olive oil makes an excellent recipe for rejuvenating skin. Those affected by dry skin should take lukewarm showers or baths and avoid excessive skin scrubbing. Hot water and harsh scrubbing remove the natural oils, and render the skin even drier.

If you don’t favour using herbal or natural products, you may use alternate moisturizers and skin-care products for getting the same results. You also get special moisturizers containing lactic acid or Carmol creams that are very effective in hydrating the skin. For best results, moisturizers should be applied within three to five minutes of bathing while the skin is moist.

Regular consumption of anti-oxidants can help improve the texture of skin. You may have tablets of herbal anti- oxidants. Antioxidants help to eliminate toxins from the body, giving a natural glow to the skin.

Proper nutrition and hygiene are crucial for treating dry skin. If your skin tightens after bathing with soap, you should switch over to mild soaps and cleansers. Make sure to use a moisturizer on areas that become too dry. It’s good to use a heavier moisturizer at night when the skin is at rest and can preserve more moisture.  

More Home Remedies For Dry Skin 

Increase your intake of water to keep your body well hydrated all the time. 

Covering your body with a thin layer of moisturizing honey, and leaving it for some time before your bath, is said to be ideal for dry skin.

Applying a paste of avocado all over your body, they say, nourishes your skin.

Jojoba and rosehip oils are excellent home remedies for dry, itchy skin. They are also great to fight free radicals, improving aging skin and the overall appearance of the skin.

Nutmeg flower is another herb you can use for dry skin. Its oil can be ingested or applied externally. It is sold on health food stores.

Get some camomile oil and rub it over the dry areas. Great for moisturizing the skin. 

Use the flesh of red grapes to restore moisture in aging and dry skin. Apply over the skin for 20 minutes and rinse it off using warm water.

Other home remedies for dry skin include adding milk to the bath water and cleansing the face with natural yogurt.

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