Essential oils and skin care go hand in hand. These oils are used in a number of ways such as candle making, soap making as home remedies for various conditions, to improve the skin’s appearance and for aromatherapy.

When used as part of your daily skin care these oils can heal and revitalize your skin making it look and feel younger.

What Are Botanical Essential Oils?

To begin with essential oils aren’t really an oil although some do have a slight oiliness about them, most are not oily at all. An essential oil is a liquid that is acquired through a variety of ways, distilling being the most common.

Other ways of acquiring these oils include: cold pressing, Enfleurage, solvent extraction and hydrodiffusion extraction. They can come from leaves, flowers, bark, roots, stems and sometimes the fruit of various plants.

Since plants contain such a limited amount of essential oil it sometimes takes hundreds of plants to get a single ounce of oil. These oils are completely natural skin care oils.

Essential Oils And Skin, Why Are They Good For The Skin?

Essential oils and skin care make sense as these natural skin care oils can help gently clean and soften your skin, soothe skin irritations, help rid you of acne and other blemishes, remove dead skin and reach deep down to the dermal layer of your skin providing healthier skin not only on the surface but even the skin you don’t see as well.

When carrier oils and essential oils are mixed they can be used to help prevent signs of aging skin and to protect it and even help to heal conditions of the skin such as skin fungus and infections.

Natural skin care oils can provide healthier skin from the very top of your head to the bottom of your feet. They can help rid you of dandruff and treat nail fungus and other problems that leave your skin red and irritated and painful.

And since these oils are used in aroma therapy they can help you relax while leaving your skin looking and feeling younger and more healthy.

Best Essential Oils For The Skin

While all these oils are good for you in one way or another, when you are talking about essential oils and skin care, some are better than others. Use these natural skin care recipes with the following essential oils to improve your skin.

1- For Skin Irritations- Lavender serves as an antibacterial and anti fungal agent. It can relieve the pain of skin irritations and it also evens your skin tone.

2- Healing The Skin- Frankincense penetrates deep into your skin providing healing deep down where many topical creams and ointments just can’t reach.

3- Effective For Wrinkles- Rose oil attracts moisture to your skin making it look younger and fresher.Other uses for essential oils that are beneficial for the skin

4- Good For Acne- Peppermint which deep cleans your skin including your pores helping to protect from acne and oil build up.

5- Essential Oil For Skincare- Sandalwood rejuvenates the skin and helps heal raw dry patches.

6- For Firming Skin- Jojoba oil is the best natural moisturizing oil available in any form and grape seed oil also moisturizes deep down, gets rid of wrinkles and revitalizes the skin.

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