A delicate braid

Neither up nor down, the half-up hairstyle is a style of its own, and doesn’t like to be defined by anyone! It’s the perfect compromise between showing off your hair, keeping it out of your face and revealing your neck. Here are our recommendations for an eye-catching style during the Christmas season: you’ll be surprised how many different ways there are of tying your hair half-up!

A delicate braid

A delicate braid

Impress friends and family with super-smooth silky hair tied half-up using two side sections to form a sweet and chic braid. Here, hair serum and a shine-enhancing spray come highly recommended!

Half-up fishtail braid

2. Half-up fishtail braid

Searching for a more party-friendly look? If you or a friend know how to master the fishtail braid, why not create two at each side of your head then pull them back and round to create a low crown effect?

Step one
Starting with clean, towel dried, apply a smoothing cream evenly throughout, then blow-dry on a medium heat with the diffuser attachment.

If you have naturally straight hair, apply the cream and blow-dry using a paddle brush to keep your strands smooth – you’ll add the curls later.

Step two
When your hair is totally dry, use a curling iron to create more curls wherever you need to fill out the shape – or all over if you started with straight locks.

Step three
Spray the roots at the crown and back of your head with a volumizing hairspray. Gently massage them with your fingertips and tease with a fine-tooth comb as necessary to add height and boost volume.

Step four
Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and fishtail braid it all the way to the ends. After securing the braid, gently pull the braid out at the sides to loosen it.

Step five
To add texture, roll the finished braid between your palms and tease a few wispy pieces of hair loose here and there.

Step six
Complete the look with a veil of strong hold hairspray and you’re good to go!

Barely-there waves

3. Barely-there waves

It might not be the summer, but beachy, barely-there waves aren’t just for the sunny months! Loosely curl small sections of hair, then run your fingers through to break them up. finish by tying half up and leaving the back free.

Half-up pompadour

4. Half-up pompadour

Make this Christmas memorable with a sleek, graphic half-up hairstyle with a voluminous bouffant. You may need to get hold of some wet-look gel to get maximum shine.

A vintage bouffant hairstyle is always a great option for a night out or a special occasion. The gravity-defying volume, combined with the polished retro finish, creates a dramatic style that’s perfect for those times when you want to go the extra mile with your mane.

Step one
After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply a volume enhancing mousse evenly throughout.

Step two
Next, divide your hair into three horizontal sections – top, middle and nape – and blow-dry each one. Use a paddle brush to keep the hair straight while it dries.

Step three
When everything is roughly 80% dry, flip your head upside down and finish the blowout. This will add lift at the root and give your hair plenty of volume from the get-go.

Step four
Part your hair on your favorite side, then section off a couple of inches at the front on either side of your face. Clip these pieces out of the way while you style the rest.

Step five
Spray the roots on top of your head and at the crown with a volumizing spray, then hold the hair up and tease it from behind to create the bouffant.

Step six
Gently smooth the hair back over and secure it with bobby pins at the back.

Step seven
Gather the rest of your hair into a French twist or low bun and secure with a few more bobby pins. Then, let down the hair at the front and tuck it behind your ears.

Step eight
Complete your new bouffant with a generous veil of hairspray to give your new 1960s inspired updo long-lasting hold. All set!

Twisted half-up hairstyle

5. Twisted half-up hairstyle

This clever half-up style features two sections of loosely twisted hair on each side that are then pulled back and tied together. Practical and pretty: it’s the perfect Christmas hairstyle!

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