Best Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hairstyles are simply the best. They are much easier to manage and can be styled in a variety of ways to suit individual face shape, hair type and texture as well as personality. If you’re planning to cut your hair this fall-winter or are looking for trendy inspirations to switch your regular short hairstyle, here are the best hairstyles for short hair that will fit your bill perfectly:

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles can be fun, edgy, sporty or chic. They can also be tailor-trimmed to suit your unique face shape. If you wish to have a dry run with an androgynous hairstyle, a classic pixie with an easy side part is one of the safest options to try is.

A classic pixie comprises longer front and top hair and close-cropped sides. It works well with all hair textures – straight, wavy and curly, suits all face shapes and can be worn to work or to a social event. Dab a tiny amount of styling gel on your tresses to lend your pixie a soft, polished finish.

Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob

Another classic short hairstyle that looks good on every woman, irrespective of her face shape is the short bob. This hairstyle also helps to make your mane look voluminous and is therefore perfect for all those of you with fine hair texture.

You can determine the length of your short bob depending on your face shape. If you have a round face, don’t cut your bob too short. Go for an asymmetrical bob with longer face-framing hair sections and shorter back to take the roundness off your cheeks and contour your face beautifully. For best results, wear your bob with side-swept bangs.

If you have a long face, you can get a really short bob and wear it with a deep side part or blunt bangs. Both these variations will help to cover up a wide forehead and make your face look less elongated. Don’t forget to spritz some hairspray on your bangs to make them stay put throughout the day!

Women with square face shapes can go for choppy bob hairstyles with wispy, face-framing sections that will make the face look proportionate and draw attention off a square jawline. Alternatively, bangs can also help to create a dramatic effect and soften up the look. For heart shaped faces, go for tousled short bobs with side-swept bangs. Scrunch in some deconstructing gum in your hair to texturize your strands and make your hairstyle look fabulous.

Layered Long Bob

Layered Long Bobs

If you have medium-length hair and are looking for a trendy hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous, go for a layered long bob.

Shoulder-grazing hairstyles suit all women, no matter what their face shape. At the same time, layers add texture and dimension to the mane and make a hairstyle stand out. While long, wispy layers can help to take bulk off your mane and make your hairstyle look light and airy, chunky, piecey layers can lend a sense of volume and are therefore perfect for women with thin or fine hair.

Wear your layered long bob with a hair part that suits your face shape and prevent the occurrence of frizz by applying a tiny amount of frizz vanisher cream on your tresses after shampoo.

Short hairstyles: how to choose the right bob haircut

The bob hairstyle is a cut that looks good on everyone, mainly because there are so many different bob haircuts to choose from. So, which one is right for you?

Heart-shaped faces

To help balance an especially narrow or pointed chin, opt for a straight, blunt cut bob. The sharp lines will create the illusion of a wider jaw.

Styling tip – Use a high-shine finishing spray to keep frizz and flyaways to a minimum.

Square faces

A bob with blended layers will soften hard lines, as will a subtly tousled texture. To flatter a wide forehead, team your bob with some side-swept, wispy bangs.

Styling tip – Spritz damp hair with a wave enhancing heat protectant and blow-dry in twisted sections to create an effortless, wavy finish.

Round faces

A slightly longer bob that falls below the chin will help to elongate a round face shape. Loose waves and other subtle textures will create a gorgeous bohemian look, but try to avoid too much weight on the sides as this will make the face appear rounder.

Styling tip – Get a subtle piecey finish by scrunching a small amount of wax into the ends.

Oval faces

As a general rule, oval face shapes can wear any hairstyle imaginable. This is also the case with bobs, so go ahead and try any look you want, whether textured, sleek, curly, middle parted, side-swept… you could try them all!

Styling tip – For a flyaway-free blowout, apply a smoothing cream to damp hair before blowdrying with the concentrator attached.

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